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Symbol: Sicut in Cælo et in Terra

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS:  The "PRINT" files are designed for easily printing into 5.5"x 8.5" booklets with duplex printing.  If your printer does not print "duplex," simply print all the "ODD" pages first.  Next, turn the printed stack over and print the "EVEN" pages.

(NOTE: Some printers will not require you to turn the stack over.  These type of printers print on the bottom side of the paper and turn the paper over as they print.  If you have this type of printer you will need to click the "reverse pages" option when printing the "EVEN" pages so that the pages will print in the proper order.)

After printing, simply fold, staple & distribute.

The "PRINT" files can also be taken to virtually any copy shop and booklets made in large quantities at a relatively low cost.  Cardstock covers in pastel colors make for durable, attractive booklets.

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