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Symbol: Sicut in Cælo et in Terra

Be Faithful and Attentive* — Book One

Chapter 16 (in part):

Third Fiat Hymns

"Living in my Will forms the room for Me; the acts done in my
Will form the bed for Me.  The repetition of the acts and their constant repetition are the lullabies, the music and the opium that peacefully put
Me to sleep."

(Vol. 13: May 21, 1921)



Third Fiat Hymns

Text © 2004 & 2015 Robert T. Hart
Use Traditional Melody for: O Sacred Head Surrounded.

(Based on Conchita: A Mother's Spiritual Diary, Part 2, Ch. 3:
“The Virgin of the Cross.”  Philipon, M. M. (O.P.), ed., translated by
Aloysius J. Owen, S.J.  Staten Island, NY: Alba House, 2000.)

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Jesus revealed to Venerable Mother Concepción Cabrera de Armida "Conchita" of Mexico (d. 1937) that the Blessed Virgin's greatest Sorrow has been, up to now, hidden and unknown. It lasted the long years from Our Lord's Ascension until her own Assumption. During this time She was left in a state of abandonment by God in which She "suffered more than all abandoned souls, since She suffered a reflection of [Jesus'] own abandonment on the Cross, one the worth of which cannot be estimated and which is wholly inexpressible" (Diary: Jun. 23, 1918). It was through what Jesus described as the "vivid palpitating martyrdom of her Solitude, the desolating Martyrdom of Divine Abandonment, which She suffered heroically, with loving and sublime surrender to [God's] Will," that She became "an inexhaustible source of Grace and Mercy for the world" and "gained graces for each and every man" (Diary: Jun. 30, 1917).

Jesus further revealed:

Her Heart is presented with roses, but underneath are found thorns. The roses signify graces for her children, acquired with almost infinite sorrows, with tears and with martyrdoms the weight of which I alone was capable of measuring. It is quite natural for a mother, and so much more for Mary, to keep for Herself the thorns and the sorrows; it is the roses and the tenderness that She presents to her children, not the sacrifices.

At the foot of the Cross her children were born. My death gave them life in the Heart of My Mother. But before her death She had to manifest this maternity on earth, gaining by the sufferings of My absence, an infinitude of graces present and future for her children. Her title of ‘Mother of Mankind,’ Mary won by the martyrdom of her solitude after My death. Has the world been aware of this? Does it appreciate it and is it grateful for it? The time has come when the children should show they are real children, showing their veneration for this Heart broken by the subtle and most painful martyrdom, lived through for the sake of their own happiness. There Mary gained graces for each and every man. It is time for Her to be thanked (Diary, June 30, 1917).


1.  Immaculate Heart surrounded
By roses pure and fair;
Yet hidden 'neath these blossoms
Are thorns that pierce and tear.
Thy Jesus wants it known now
That in thy final years,
Thy life became most fruitful
Through seas of bitter tears.

2.  Thy Jesus is the Victor
Ascended to his Throne,
But still on earth in exile
Poor Mother's left alone.
Abandoned by the Godhead
Thy martyrdom's begun,
To bring mankind the graces
That Jesus' victory won.

3.  At Pentecost the Spirit's gift:
An all “new fullness of grace,”
For strength in thine abandonment,
“Mother-Martyr” of our race.
Feeling the weight of the world's sins
As echoed in thy soul;
The Co-Redemptrix of the world
Fulfilling now her role.

4.  Giving thy children blossoms
While thorns Thou gladly bear,
In silence and in meekness
Thy sorrow no one hears.
O martyrdom of Mary
So little known by men,
We honor Thee now and thank Thee
For all Thou underwent.

5.  O Sorrowful Mother, whom I love,
Teach me to suffer with Thee
The frightful pains of “solitude”
Thy daily Calvary.
Suff 'ring for Him with “perfect joy”
Each moment I have left.
May his d'signs be complete in me
Before my final breath.

6.  Immaculate Heart surrounded
By roses pure and fair;
Yet hidden 'neath these blossoms
Are thorns that pierce and tear.
Help me place my small sorrows
In thy great seas of pain,
To do my part in bringing
God's Will on earth to reign!


Be faithful and attentive as if everything depended on you.
Be completely abandoned and at peace as if everything depended on God.

* Be Faithful and Attentive: A Handbook for Living in the Divine Will
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