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13 Free Downloadable Booklets
Many Addressing Vital Catholic Topics*

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NEW TITLE (March 2017) — "A Compass For Catholics"
A guide to help Catholics navigate through the current
Church crisis — Great for bringing fellow Catholics to
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1.  Sicut in Cælo et in Terra
An Abridgement of The Secret of the Divine Will — introducing the spirituality of the most sublime union with God
by Robert T. Hart

2.  Attention Catholics
Helpful reminders for Catholics living in the modern confusion
by Robert T. Hart

3.  Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow The Fashions
Treatise on Christian Modesty — by Robert T. Hart
Sixth Edition — Newly Revised January 2017!

4.  The Novus Ordo Question
Contains surprising information and facts about the Novus Ordo Mass little known by the general Catholic population.
by Robert T. Hart

5.  Mortalium Animos (On Religious Unity)
Encyclical against the Ecumenical Movement — by Pope Pius XI

6.  We Have Found The True Faith
To make known to all who seek the truth, the one, true religion revealed by God — by Robert T. Hart

7.  The Mystery Of The Wizard Clip
The conversion of a Lutheran Family of the primitive U.S.A., through a "most wonderful manifestation of Godís benevolence."

8.  A Soul in Hell: The Story of Annette
A deceased soul, Annette, manifests herself to her former friend Claire.  She tells her not to pray for her because she is in hell and goes on to explain how she ended up there.

9.  The Holy Name of Mary
On devotion to the Holy Name of Mary.  Taken from The Glories of Mary, by St. Alphonsus Liguori

10.  For Consecrated Souls
Communications of Our Lord regarding priests and religious to Blessed Dina Bélanger — His special love for them, as well as what He wishes of them.
excerpted from the Autobiography of Blessed Dina Bélanger

11.  For Those Called to the Holy State of Matrimony
An excellent reminder of the dignity to which Our Lord Jesus Christ raised the state of marriage — for those who belong to His Church — by making it a Sacrament.  Taken from The Catechism of Perseverence by Msgr. Gaume

12.  The Last Times
On the serious times we are living in and how Our Blessed Mother wishes to help us to save our souls.
by Rev. Fr. Jacques Emily

13.  A Compass For CatholicsOur lastest title (March 2017)!
A treatise on how to keep the Faith in time of Church crisis.  A great little booklet to give to fellow Catholics to bring them back to Tradition.
by Robert T. Hart

  Downloadable How to Pray the Rosary Pamphlets

  Downloadable First Saturday Devotion Pamphlet

  Downloadable Brown Scapular Pamphlet

  Downloadable Miraculous Medal Leaflet

  Downloadable hymn, "Mary's Blossoms & Thorns"
This hymn honors Our Lady's "Martyrdom of Solitude" which, as revealed to the Mexican Mystic, Venerable Cabrera de Armida (d. 1937), was the greatest of all her Sorrows.

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Concerning Our Booklets

SicutInCælo.org is dedicated to offering Free Downloadable Booklets particularly pertinent to the present crisis in the Catholic Church.*

For the good of souls, anyone may freely copy and distribute our booklets — if they are offered without charge.  In doing so, however, they may not be altered.  Quotations may also be freely taken from them as long as credit is given stating the name of the booklet, the author and the publisher (i.e. sicutincaelo.org).  Those booklets authored or compiled by Robert T. Hart MAY NOT BE SOLD without his express written permission.

In all the materials offered here, we have made every effort to promote the true Catholic teaching — not simply our own opinions.  While Church dogma has never changed (and cannot), there is, unfortunately, a crisis in the Church today in which we find certain of the current policies of the Church in direct contradiction with this true teaching.   Thus while the immutable dogmas remain intact, they are at the same time being undermined.  For this reason, we remain all the more committed to promoting the true and unchangeable doctrine of the Church.  While none of the booklets authored by Mr. Hart presently contain Church Imprimaturs, each one has been reviewed and approved by one or more trustworthy Catholic priests before being published here at SicutInCælo.


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