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"Attention Catholics"  by Robert T. Hart  (48 pgs.)

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About This Title

"Attention Catholics" contains many helpful reminders of what we must believe and what we must do to save our souls and to be pleasing to God.

Part I  consists of important truths upon which we all need to meditate: Death and Judgment, the Reality of Hell and of Purgatory, and the Wonderful Reality of Heaven.

Part II  consists of helpful reminders of  what every soul needs to do to be pleasing to God: in one's prayer life, in the House of God, when receiving the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Penance, and in one's manner of dress.  (The section on one's manner of dress is a condensed version of the booklet on modesty — see No. 3 on the booklist).

Finally there is an Appendix consisting of an extensive Examination of Conscience.

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