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"A Soul in Hell: The Story of Annette" (24 pgs.) 
Words of a soul from Hell, telling how she became eternally lost.
Taken from a reading given on an Ignatian Retreat

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About This Title

What is related in these pages is of the greatest importance.  Though the events in question took place in Germany, what we give here is, as far as we are able, a faithful translation from the original language.  Translations have also been made into various other languages.

The Nihil obstat and the Imprimatur were granted by the Pope's Vicar in Rome.  While these marks of approval cannot guarantee the veracity of the revelation, they do guarantee the text free from doctrinal error.  Thus we can be certain that nothing in these pages departs in any way from the Church's established doctrine on Hell.

These frightening pages must sound a WARNING for us, describing as they do a way of life which is very common in present-day society.   The Divine Mercy, in allowing these revelations, lifts for us a corner of the veil hiding those most awesome mysteries which await us all at the term of our days on earth.


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