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Be Faithful and Attentive* — Book Two

Introduction to Book 2:
Advéniat Regnum Tuum

A Collection of Rounds in the Divine Will
to Beg His Kingdom Come

Luisa Piccarreta

Dedicated to Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine
Will, who teaches us how to make our Rounds.


The purpose of Book 2 is to give you a variety of ways to make Rounds in the Divine Will.  Making Rounds is a way of praying that Jesus taught Luisa, and through her, all the Children of the Divine Will.  In this way of praying, one goes about in everything God has made and done with so much love for creatures, in order to love Him in return.

Every particular "act" that Almighty God has done, whether in Creation, Redemption or Sanctification, is an act of Divine Love toward each creature.  Therefore, each creature has a debt of love to God for all these multitudinous acts of love.  Until this debt of love is paid for each creature, the long-awaited Kingdom of the Divine Will, will not come.  Behold then, the purpose and the importance of frequently praying your Rounds.  By praying your Rounds in the Divine Will you are able to return to God Divine Love — a Love that is infinite and eternal, and the only Love worthy of Him.  And by praying them in this divine way you are enabled to pay this debt of love, not only for yourself, but for everyone — that is, for all creatures, past, present and future — because the Divine Will, with its power, can multiply your act for as many creatures as will exist throughout time.  Therefore, even though all creatures do not pray the Rounds, those few that do, can and must, make up for those that do not.  This is the great responsibility and privilege of the Children of the Divine Will.  The following two passages from the Book of Heaven make clear Jesus' ardent desire for your frequent Rounds.

Excerpts from the Book of Heaven

1)    The First Duty of the Creature

My child, you must know that this way of praying, that is of reciprocating with God in love for all things created by Him, is a Divine right, and enters into the first duty of the creature.

The Creation was made for the love of man.  Indeed, so much was our Love that if it had been necessary, We would have created as many heavens, as many suns, as many stars, as many seas, earths, plants, and all the rest for how many creatures should come to the light of this world, so that each one would have a Creation all for himself, a universe all his own; as in fact, when all was created, Adam alone was the spectator of all Creation and he could enjoy all the goods that he wanted.  If We did not do that, it was because man could have enjoyed it all himself as if it were his own, notwithstanding that others enjoy it also.  In fact, who cannot say:  "The sun is mine," and enjoy the light of the sun as much as he wants?  Or, "The water is mine," and quench his thirst and make use of it whenever he needs it?  Or, "The earth, the fire, the air are my things," and the [same with] so many other things created by Me?  If some things appear to be lacking to man, or if his life is hard, it is because of sin which, barring the passage to my benefits, impedes things created by Me from being generous towards the ungrateful creature.

Therefore, all that being so, in all created things, God bound his Love, toward each creature; and it becomes the creature's duty to exchange with God its little love, its gratitude, its "thank you" towards Him who has done so much for her.  This not exchanging God in love for all that He has done in the Creation of man is the first theft of the creature from God; and the creature is a usurper of his gifts, without even recognizing from where they come and who has loved her so much.

Therefore, it is the first duty of the creature (Vol. 18: August 9, 1925).

2)    Why Jesus Pushes Us to Make our Rounds

...to reestablish the Kingdom of my Will upon the earth, there are needed sufficient acts of the creature so that my Kingdom not remain in the air but descend to form Itself upon the very acts of the creature, molded by It to obtain a good so great.

This is why I push you so much to go around in all our works, Creation and Redemption, to let you take part with your acts, your "I love you," your adoration, your gratitude, your "thank you" in all our works.  Many times I did them together with you; and, then, after your round in our Will, for fulfillment, your refrain so pleasing to Us:  "Supreme Majesty, your little daughter comes before You upon your Paternal knees to ask You that your 'FIAT', your Kingdom be known by all.  I ask of You the triumph of your Will so that It dominate and reign over everyone.  Not only is it I alone who ask You; but your works are together with me, and your own Will.  Therefore, in the name of everyone I ask You, I implore You for your 'FIAT'."

If you only knew how this refrain of yours opens a breach to our Supreme Being when We hear Ourselves prayed to by all our works, supplicated by our own Will, Heaven and earth bending their knee to beg of Us the Kingdom of my Eternal Will.

Therefore, if you wish, continue your acts, so that forming the established number, you can obtain what you desire with so much insistence (Vol. 19: September 13, 1926).

In various places in the Book of Heaven Jesus has made specific requests for diverse types of Rounds.  In the following collection, each Set of Rounds is introduced with a passage containing one such request.  The Set of Rounds that follows each passage is given as one method of responding to that particular request.  Keep in mind, that what is given here is only one method of fulfilling Jesus' requests.  The ways of making Rounds are inexhaustible.  Therefore, as you feel inspired, consider yourself free to add to or change the Rounds as they are written, and also to create your own.  And Jesus will be very pleased indeed, with your own unique way of making Rounds.

— A d v e n i a t  R e g n u m  T u u m  —

* Be Faithful and Attentive: A Handbook for Living in the Divine Will
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