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Symbol: Sicut in Cælo et in Terra

Be Faithful and Attentive* — Book Two

Rounds to Begin the Day

Dawning New Day

"...I thank and praise You for this new day, and setting my will in Yours, I affirm I want only to live and act in
your Will...."

Luisa says: "Hardly awakened, as the eyes open to the light of day, thus let us make all our being rise in the light of the Will of God, and let us begin our rounds.

"The first act must be an act of love in the Divine Will.  Let us make this act diffuse into all the intelligences of creatures, in all glances, in the words, in the movements, in the steps, in the heartbeats and in each breath.  Let us then tie all our acts to the last one done by Adam in the Holy Will of God.  Let us also tie all our acts to the acts which the creatures who will live in the Will of God will do unto the last one that will be completed upon the earth...."

(Divine Will Prayer Book)



Most Holy Trinity, I thank and praise You for this new day, and setting
my will in Yours, I affirm I want only to live and act in your Will.  Thus making my "Prevenient Act," I set all my acts of the day in order in You
(Vol. 14: May 27, 1922).

Good morning Blessed Mother, I love You; come, help me offer my first act of the day as an act of love in the Divine Will to God.[1]

Good morning my Jesus, I come to make my first act of the day, an act of love in your Divine Will.  I immerse myself all in your Holy Will and embrace its immensity to multiply my act to the infinite in your Eternal Act.

First, I make my act diffuse in all the thoughts, in the glances, in the words, in the movements, in the steps, in the heartbeats, in each breath and in every act of every human being from Adam to the last creatures who will live upon the earth.  I offer this act to You our Creator.

Then, since all things in Creation were made by God for the Love of the creature, I take this Love in the Sun, the stars, the earth, the sea, the birds, the flowers and all the other things in Creation, and making it mine, I offer it as so many other acts of homage, of love, of blessings and of praise.

And going up in Paradise I make my rounds for all the Angels and for all the Saints; I unite myself to all the Heavenly Court, and for each and every one I give an act of love to You.

Next, I take all that which dear Luisa has done, who "has done good to everyone and has loved everyone and has operated in a universal manner for God and for everyone" (Vol. 19: Jun. 26,1926).  I take it as though mine, as well as all that has been and will be done by those who live in the Divine Will and work in this same universal manner, and offer it to You as a still more beautiful act of love.

Now I draw near to the Blessed Virgin, my dear Mother.  She being ready to make a gift to me of all her merits; with the confidence of a little child, I take all she has done from the first instant of her Immaculate Conception to her last breath; and as if all were mine I offer it to You, O God, as the most beautiful act.

And then I go to the Eternal Word made Man, and ask Him to make me partake in all his Acts: his Conception, his Birth, his escape into Egypt, his thirty years of Hidden Life, his years of Public Life, his Passion, his Death, his Resurrection and Ascension to Heaven.  I make it all mine and offer it to You, O Sacrosanct Trinity.

And thus as a poor miserable creature do I offer You an act most complete and most holy, since I offer nothing of my own, but rather return to You all the glory from that which You have done.  Amen.

— A d v é n i a t   R e g n u m   T u u m  —


[1]    Following Luisa's example, the author has chosen to begin most of the rounds in this collection by asking Our Lady's assistance.  Luisa tells us:  "I was according to my usual way, fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will; and I prayed to the Heavenly Mama that together with me She would give me her hand so that guided by Her I could exchange with my God all the love, adoration and glory that everyone owed Him."  Jesus responded to this saying:  "See, as you called my Mama in my Will to exchange with Me love, adoration and glory, my Will united you two together; and the love, the glory, the adoration that the Sovereign Queen offered became yours; and yours became those of my Mama.  My Will has put everything in common, and one becomes inseparable from the others; and I heard in you the voice of my Mama, her love, her adoration, her glory.  And, in my Mama I heard your voice that loved Me, adored Me, glorified Me.  How happy I felt in hearing and finding my Mama in the daughter, my daughter in my Mama" (Vol. 19: May 6, 1926).  back

* Be Faithful and Attentive: A Handbook for Living in the Divine Will
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