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Symbol: Sicut in Cælo et in Terra

Be Faithful and Attentive* — Book Two

An Exchange of Love for
Everything in the Cosmos

Miraculous Star of Bethlehem

"I...love and praise You in the Miraculous Star you created to tell the world its Saviour was born...."

"My daughter, enter into Me, into my Divinity, and flow in the Eternity of my Will; and you will find the Creative Power as in the Act of putting forth the machine of all the Universe. In everything that I created I put a relationship, a channel of graces, a special love between the Supreme Majesty and the creature.

"But the creature would not have taken care of these relations, of these graces, and of this love.  Thus God would have to suspend Creation which would have been neither recognized nor appreciated.  However, in seeing that my Humanity would have appreciated it appropriately and that each created thing would have had its relations with the Eternal One, recognizing Him and loving Him not only for itself but for the whole human family, He would not look at the wrong of the other sons.  Hence, with the greatest contentment, He stretched out the sky, decking it with stars, knowing that those stars would be many and varied relationships, graces without number, and rivers of love which would run between my Humanity and the Supreme Being.

"The Eternal One looked at the sky and remained content in seeing the immense harmonies, the communications of love, that opened between Heaven and earth.  Therefore, I went beyond; and, with a single Creative Word, I created the Sun there in the sky as the continuous spokesman of the Supreme Being, gifting it with light and heat, placing it suspended between Heaven and the earth in the act of governing all, of fecundating and illuminating all with its searching eye of light that seems to say to all: 'I am the most perfect preacher of the Divine Being; reflect yourselves in me, and you will recognize Him.  He gives life to all; He doesn't need anything.  No one can touch Him.  Look at me well, and you will recognize Him.  I am his shadow, the reflection of his Majesty, and his continuous spokesman.'

"O, what oceans of love, of relationships, were opened between my Humanity and the Supreme Majesty!  Thus everything that you see, even the smallest little flower of the field, was one more relation between the creature and the Creator.  Therefore, it was just that I should desire one more gratitude, one more love, on the part of creatures.

"I redid all, and I recognized and adored the Creative Power.  But my Love toward so much Goodness was not content.  I wanted other creatures to recognize, love, and adore this Creative Power, as well as, in so far as is possible for a creature, to take part in these relations that the Eternal One has dispersed in all the world, and in the name of all render homage to this Act of Creation by the Eternal One.

"But do you know who can render this homage? Souls who live in my Volition, who, as they enter into It, find as in act all the acts of the Supreme Majesty.  Moreover, since the Divine Will is found in everything and in everyone, these acts are multiplied in everyone and can render honor, glory, adoration, and love for everyone."

(Vol. 12: February 20, 1919)



My beloved Jesus, I enter into your Holy Will to give You, the Father and the Holy Spirit, love and glory in the divine way for all the fascinating and mysterious things found in space which were created and are sustained by that 'FIAT' uttered at the beginning of Creation.  Only here in this Divine Will can I find worthy and sufficient love to be able to love You in all these things for myself and for everyone.  And in loving You for everyone, I especially want to love You and make reparation for the scientists who study these incredible things found in space, yet fail to recognize not only your love for man in creating them, but fail to recognize You altogether and actually believe these things just happened!  I beg You, therefore, as I make these rounds to invent new ways to enlighten their dark minds to convert them, that they may recognize You and be saved.

My sweet Mother Mary, You who are Queen of Heaven and earth, and Queen of the Cosmos, please join me in giving God love and glory in the name of everyone for the marvelous things in space.  And, as we do this, to pray for the Kingdom of God's Will to be established on earth, let us also especially strive to win for Jesus the souls of atheistic scientists, and with them all non-believers.

I begin at the center of our SOLAR SYSTEM where we find our SUN.  For much of man's history the earth was thought to be the center, and all things revolved around it, including the Sun.  How much more fitting it is that the Sun, "most perfect preacher of the Divine Being" and symbol of God, is the center, and the earth revolves around it.  Unfortunately, many in their lives act like they are the center, and everything including God revolves around them.  How much happier they would be, if like man in history, they would learn the reality.  Then they would realize that the proper order is for God to be the center of our lives which alone brings true happiness.  Therefore, as I love and thank You for the creation of the Sun, I pray that souls would learn to recognize You, O God, as center of everything.

Yes, the Sun is "the most perfect preacher of the Divine Being," a unique image of the Holy Trinity: The fire is the Father, the light is the Son and the heat is the Holy Spirit (See Vol. 2: Feb. 28, 1899).  Like the Holy Trinity, the fire, light and heat are inseparable.  Yet, symbolizing the Son and the Holy Spirit, in their respective missions to redeem and sanctify, the light and heat come down to earth to give it the goods they contain.  The Sun also symbolizes the immutability of the Holy Trinity as it continues to burn day in and day out through every age without increasing, decreasing or burning out.  And like God, the Sun touches all, but no one can touch the Sun.  Also like God, the Sun does one continuous act, which produces countless effects: It continually burns and this one act is the source of all natural life and activity on earth.

I love You, I thank You for all the ways the glorious Sun teaches us about You, O God, and I place an "I love You, I adore You" at the center of this Sun where the light and heat are produced as hydrogen is turned into helium in a process called fusion.  I also place my "I love You, I adore You" on all Sun spots, the solar flares, each photon of light emanating from the Sun and on all the thermal energy produced by the Sun from its creation to the end of its existence.

Coming away from the Sun we journey through the PLANETS.  First we come to MERCURY.  At Mercury I love and adore You in its eighty-eight day orbit and its extreme temperature variation as the surface gets quite hot when facing the Sun (being the closest planet), yet becomes extremely cold when turned away, having no atmosphere to retain the heat.

Next, at VENUS I place my love in its backward rotation (as compared to the other planets) and in its 900 °F surface temperature produced by the greenhouse effect of its clouds, making it the hottest planet.  I also thank You for the wonderful showing it makes for us on earth being the brightest light in the sky after the Moon.

And now we come to EARTH, our home.  Here You have placed so much love for us everywhere, that to cover everything I would never finish or continue my journey through space.  So, for now let me give You love and perfect glory for the perfect distance You placed the Sun from the Earth (since if the distance were a bit less the oceans would boil, and if a bit more, they would freeze); for Earth's 23.5 degree declination giving us the Arctic, Temperate and Tropic Zones, and four seasons each year; and for putting the North Star, which You made so easy to find, exactly over the North Pole, giving priceless help to travelers and surveyors.  While at the Earth, I mustn't forget the Earth's Moon.  I love and glorify You for making it our night light, the keeper of our months and controller of our tides.  This Moon also symbolizes our gentle Mother Mary, for if the Sun (symbol of God) is too bright to look at, the Moon which gently reflects the Sun's light is not.

Moving on, I come to MARS and place my love in its frozen polar ice caps and in every molecule of iron oxide which makes it appear red in color.

Next, I arrive at the giant planet JUPITER.  I put my "I love You" in the giant wind storm called the "great red spot"; in its surface which is an ocean of liquid hydrogen around 250 °F below zero; in its thin ring; and in Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto and all its other moons.

At SATURN I love You in its many famous rings made up of ice, dust and rocks.  I love You in its 30+ moons; and I place a special "I love You" in Titan, the only moon in all the Solar System to have an atmosphere.

Coming to URANUS I love and adore You creating it to spin on its side, so that its arctic circles are positioned in nearly the same place as its equator.  Thus its north and south poles are alternately shrouded in complete darkness for forty-two years at a time as the planet orbits the Sun every eighty-four years.  I also love You in Miranda, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon and all its 15+ moons, as well as its eleven thin rings made of black chunks looking like coal.

Then at NEPTUNE I put my "I love You, I adore You" in its violent hurricanes of frigid winds sometimes reaching seven hundred miles per hour, and its methane atmosphere which causes this planet to look blue.  I love You in Triton, its largest moon which at 390 °F below zero is the coldest known object in our Solar System, and in each of its other moons.

Finally, I love and thank You for PLUTO, the smallest of planets[1] at less than two-thirds the diameter of earth's moon.  I love You in its unique stretched and tilted orbit of two hundred forty-eight years, and in its single moon Charon which orbits the planet at the same speed the planet rotates, so that from Pluto's surface this moon always remains in the same place in the sky.

Before I leave our Solar System, let me go back between Mars and Jupiter and put my "I love You, I give You glory" on Ceres, the largest of ASTEROIDS with a diameter of six hundred miles, on Pallas, on Vesta and each of the many other Asteroids that make up the Asteroid belt.  Then I place my love in that "dirty snowball" called Halley's Comet that lights up every seventy-six years as it comes close to the Sun, often giving us a spectacular show; in all the other COMETS; and in the Oort Belt from which they are said to be born.  I also love You and thank You for those small fragments of asteroids and comets that fall into the earth's atmosphere and produce for us the spectacle of the "Falling Star."

Moving out of the Solar System, I find the Sun is not the only source of light, but that the universe is filled with billions of GALAXIES, each containing billions of stars.  Our own Milky Way Galaxy contains around one hundred billion stars.  I love and adore You in our Milky Way Galaxy, in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Whirlpool Galaxy, the Magellanic Clusters, and in every other Galaxy; in each of the countless stars making up these Galaxies each of which You know by name; and in all the planets and other objects that orbit each of these stars.

I love and thank You for the way these lights fascinate man as he looks up into the night sky.  So fascinated is man that he studies what he sees.  Some groups of stars we see, we imagine form shapes of familiar things on earth.  We call these shapes CONSTELLATIONS.  I love and thank You for these Constellations, especially since they are useful to man who has divided the entire sky up into eighty-eight different sections, and named each of these sections by the Constellation in it.  These Constellations then help him to find where particular stars are in the sky.  And, while giving You this love and gratitude, I also intend to beg pardon and make reparation for all the times man has fallen into idolatry by worshipping as gods, these and other celestial bodies.

Studying space, man has found many variations and mysteries in the lights found out there.  Our star, the Sun, has a luminosity of 3,830 billion–trillion 100-watt light bulbs and I love and thank You for this light.  But the Sun is a Yellow Star, a star of average light and heat.  Some STARS called Red Dwarfs are only one two-thousandth as bright and relatively cool with a surface temperature of 3,500 °F, while others, Blue Stars, can be a million times as bright with a surface temperature of more than 19,000 °F.  I love and adore You in all Yellow Stars, Red Dwarfs, and Blue Stars.  I also place my "I love You, I adore You" in those cooler massive glowing stars called Red Giants, the super dense stars called White Dwarfs, and the extinguished stars called Black Dwarfs.  I love You in the exploding stars called Supernovas that shine with a luminosity of more than one hundred billion suns, and in the collapsed stars called Neutron Stars in which gravity is so intense that the electrons in these stars are forced into their respective nucleus's and combining with the protons, become neutrons.  Some neutron stars are given the name Pulsar, for they spin rapidly and their magnetic poles give out energy as they spin, making them appear to continually blink like the rotating beam of a lighthouse.  I energize with my "I love You," the rotating beams emanating from every Pulsar.

There are thought to be objects still more collapsed than neutron stars; they give off no light, for their gravity is so fierce that not even a ray of light can escape.  They are called BLACK HOLES the unfortunate symbol of the completely ego-centered soul, that, absorbed in itself, knows not how to give.  Nevertheless, I love You in every Black Hole, if they exist, wherever they exist, throughout the universe.  And I beg You to envelop in your Mercy these "black hole" souls that they may come out of themselves and learn to glow with your marvelous Light.

Out in space we also find clouds of interstellar gas and dust called NEBULAE, which are often formed into magnificent displays of light.  You, my Love, made these magnificent displays for me, and I, making them my own, offer them to You as though I had created them just for love of You.  I love You in the Orion Nebula, the Eskimo Nebula, the Spirograph Nebula and in all the Nebulae of gas found in space.

The brightest and fastest moving objects we have found in our universe are the farthest away on the edge of the known universe.  They move at speeds nearing the speed of light and are called QUASARS.  They are no bigger than our Solar System, yet give off more energy than whole galaxies containing billions of stars.  I love and adore You in all these super-energetic, high speed Quasars.  I also love You in the vastness of the UNIVERSE which symbolizes Your Immensity and teaches us to consider our nothingness; and I place my "I love You" in every point of space throughout the entire created Universe.

Then, before I finish, I must love and praise You in the Miraculous Star you created to tell the world its Saviour was born.  I love and praise You, too, in the Miracle of the Sun You caused at Fatima to authenticate the grave message for prayer, penance and the consecration of Russia.  And I love and praise You in all the other SIGNS AND OMENS that ever have been or will be seen in the celestial regions.

In all other forms of matter and energy in the cosmos, in all the changes that take place in it from your creating 'FIAT' to the end, I love, adore, thank and praise You.

Supreme Majesty, I come before your Throne and prostrate myself before You.  Then, at your calling, as your little child, I come upon your Paternal Knees to offer You, with Our Lady, Queen of the Cosmos, our exchange of love for all the love for man You have placed in the countless things You have created in the vast universe.  Making this offering in the name of all, we plead and cry for the Kingdom of your Will to be established on earth.  Then, like Adam "in the beginning," men on earth will once again recognize your love in everything in the universe and will fill the universe with love, praise and glory to You, the Creator, and You shall find your rest in Creation.  We also pray You, to enlighten the poor scientists who avidly study these wonders in space but fail to recognize the wonderful God who created them.  Amen.

— A d v é n i a t   R e g n u m   T u u m  —


[1]    In A.D. 2006, the scientific community declassified Pluto as a "planet."  We maintain its former defintion here to be faithful to the original text  back

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