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Be Faithful and Attentive* — Book Two

Rounds to Divinize All Human Acts

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"With the works of my hands united to Yours, I go about covering all creatures' works, so that God may find them all...marked with the stamp of: 'Gloriam Dei'"

"My daughter, pray; but pray as I pray.  That is, pour yourself completely in my Will; and in doing this you will find God and all creatures.  And, making yours all the things of creatures, you will give them to God as if they were one single creature, because the Divine Will is the Master of everyone.  And, at the feet of the Divinity, you will deposit the good acts to give the Divinity honor, and the bad to make reparation for them with the Sanctity, Power and Immensity of the Divine Will from which nothing escapes.

"This was the Life of my Humanity upon the earth.  For as holy as It was, It needed this Divine Will to give complete satisfaction to the Father and to redeem the human generations; because only in this Divine Will did I find all the past, present and future generations and all their acts, thoughts, words and so forth, as in one act.  And, in this Holy Will, without anything escaping Me, I took all the thoughts in my mind and brought Myself before the Supreme Majesty and repaired them for each one in particular.  And in this same Will I descended into each of the creatures' minds, giving them the good that I had impetrated for their intelligences.  In my glances I took all the creatures' eyes, in my voice their words, in my movements theirs, in my hands their works, in my Heart their affections and desires, in my feet their steps, and making them like Mine, my Humanity satisfied the Father.  And I put the poor creatures into safety in this Divine Will, and the Divine Father was satisfied with them.  Nor could He reject Me, being that He Himself is the Holy Will.  Would He perhaps reject Himself?  Certainly not!  All the more because in these acts, He found perfect sanctity, unattainable and enrapturing beauty, supreme love, immense and eternal acts, invincible power.  This was all the Life of my Humanity upon the earth from the first instant of my Conception unto the last breath, to continue it in Heaven and in the Most Holy Sacrament.

"Now, why cannot you also do it?  FOR HIM WHO LOVES, ALL IS POSSIBLE UNITED TO ME!  In my Will, pray and bring before the Divine Majesty: in your thoughts the thoughts of everyone; in your eyes the glances of everyone; in your words, movements, affections, and desires those of your brothers to make reparation for them; to impetrate light, graces and love for them.  In my Will you will find yourself in Me and in everyone.  You do my Life.  You will pray with Me; and the Divine Father will be content with it; and all Heaven will say, 'Who calls us upon the earth?  Who is it that wants to embrace this Holy Will in herself enclosing all of us together?'  And how much good you can obtain for the earth by making Heaven upon the earth!"

(Vol. 11: May 3, 1916)


"My daughter, I bless your heart, your heartbeats, your affections, your words, your thoughts, and even your smallest movement, so that, with my blessing, everyone might be clothed with a divine virtue.  In this manner, upon entering into my Volition, in virtue of my blessing they might take with them this divine virtue and multiply Me for each one, in order to give Me the love and the glory as if all had my Life in them.  For this reason, enter into my Volition, penetrate between Heaven and earth, go around for all...

"O, how content I will be to see that the creature, in virtue of my Will, fills Heaven and earth with so many of my Lives for however many creatures exist!"

(Vol. 16: March 19, 1924)



My beloved Jesus, following the path of Luisa, Little Daughter of your Divine Will, I want to enter into your Will, penetrate between Heaven and earth, and go around for all.  Like Luisa, I want to enter into each act of the creatures, and multiply your Life in each one of them so that You will be content to see that the creature, in virtue of your Will, fills Heaven and earth with so many of your Lives for however many creatures exist!  Therefore, what You did for Luisa, do also for me: bless my heart, my heartbeats, my affections, my words, my thoughts, and even my smallest movement, so that, with your blessing, everyone might be clothed with a divine virtue.

And, my dear Mother Mary, You who know the ways of the Divine Will, please come with me so that I may not get lost.  Rather, with You, and the passport of Light of the Divine Will, I may be able to enter in the most intimate places, in the most secret fibers, in the abyss of the greatest depths, and in the space of the highest of the heights so as to cover all acts of creatures: past, present and future.

With my thoughts flowing as one with yours, my Jesus, I go about covering the thoughts of all, to give to God for every thought, the reflection of his own Divine Thought.

With my glances, the use of my hearing, taste, touch, smell, and of all the physical senses, I go about covering all creatures' use of their senses, so that God may find all creatures using their senses only to fulfill his Most Holy Will.

With the words I speak, and every sound I produce with my voice, I go about covering all creatures’ use of their voices, so that God may hear in every sound produced by the human voice, the perfect echo of his own Divine "FIAT" uttered for us at the beginning of Creation.

With my heartbeats, breaths and all that goes on within my body (even at the level of the body cells), I go about covering all creatures' heartbeats and breaths, and all that goes on within, so that God may hear in every heartbeat, the Eternal Heartbeat of the Single Act of his Most Holy Will, and in every breath, He may find that breath of Divine Life breathed into us at the beginning of Creation.

With the works of my hands united to Yours, I go about covering all creatures' works, so that God may find them all perfect and complete, and marked with the stamp of: "Gloriam Dei" (Vol. 7: Sept. 11, 1906).

With my footsteps, I cover all creatures' steps, so that all steps may come before the Divine Throne bending the knee in an act of perfect and divine homage.

With the affections and desires of my heart flowing in your Will, I cover all creatures' affections and desires, so God may find every heart loving only what He loves, and desiring only what He desires — and this in a perfect and divine manner.

With my prayers, I cover the prayers of all, so that all prayers may rise like incense of the most pleasing fragrance before your Throne to give You perfect homage.

With my bodily movements, I cover the movements of all, so that in them, God may find the perfect reflection of his own Divine Motion.

With my sufferings, I go about covering the pains and sorrows of all, so that God may find in all creatures' sufferings, only the infinitely meritorious sufferings of his Divine Son Jesus.

All the other acts of creatures, which I have left unmentioned, I cover with my corresponding acts.  All acts that creatures should have done and have left undone, I substitute with my acts, which correspondingly make up for that which should have been done.  And all evil acts I reorder and repair, by offering all my acts done in direct opposition to the evil done, along with all my other acts of reparation.

With all this, I mean to give You, my God, the perfect love, adoration, thanksgiving, praise, and glory that all creatures owe You, while making perfect reparation for every sin and evil.  I place this offering in my every act continuously and forever, in all creatures' acts, in every created thing, and in every motion and change within Creation.  And with this I implore: mercy, forgiveness, light, grace, salvation and sanctification for every creature, the quick and complete Triumph of the Divine Will on earth, and Its quick and complete triumph in me.  Amen.

— A d v é n i a t   R e g n u m   T u u m  —

* Be Faithful and Attentive: A Handbook for Living in the Divine Will
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